Ellen Bower Ceremonies

Inspiration. Fresh Perspective. Resourcefulness. Creativity. Thoughtfulness. Understanding.
These are just some of the qualities that I bring to my role as a Celebrant, which enable my clients and I to build a ceremony that is wonderful, unique, distinctive and meaningful; a ceremony that evokes a powerful memory that is strong and boundless.

You can contact me here to learn more about celebrating important stepping stones or milestones in your life.

The Idea of Celebrating ...

In nearly every culture throughout history, momentous events were marked with some degree of fanfare. Rites of Passage were marked with spirited rituals and colourful ceremonies, helping people prepare for life’s journeys. Communities were tightly knit, and everyone shared both the joys and the sorrows that accompanied life's changes. Today, there is a rekindling of 'celebration'.

As a professional Celebrant, I work with you to design a ceremony to mark your very special, unique, one-of-a-kind and deeply meaningful occasion ...
The Beginning of a New Life 
Baby/Child Welcoming, Naming Ceremonies, Adoption Welcomes, Family Blending, Coming of Age, Rites of  Passage, Beginnings/Endings
The Blending of a Future 
Weddings, Marriage Blessings, Vow Renewals, Milestone Anniversaries
The Celebration of Life Transitions 
Baby/Child Welcoming, Naming Ceremonies, Adoption Welcomes, Family Blending, Coming of Age, Rites of  Passage, Change in Marital/Relationship Status, Embarking on a new Career, Retirement, Public Dedications, Reunions
The Marking of an End

Funeral Services, Celebration of Life Services, Memorials, Honouring the Memories of Stillborn and Unborn Babies, Remembering a Life Lost to Suicide, Interment of Ashes, Scattering of Ashes, Pet Memorials, Supporting the Dying Near End of Life

My ceremonies are ... Something Fresh. Something Distinctive. Something Meaningful.

As a Celebrant, I endeavour to design your ceremony - your way. You hold the ultimate power, vision and control. You own your ceremony.

There are no standardised, off-the-shelf services offered by Ellen Bower Ceremonies. All events are bespoke, personal, distinct, meaningful and original.

However we agree to work together, I will feel honoured to be part of such a meaningful experience in your life. I welcome every possibility, with considerable gratitude, to serve you in a way that fulfils your highest hopes and wishes for your special day.

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