Tuesday 26 September 2017

Invite Your Guests to 'Bless' and 'Warm' Your Rings

Have you ever wished you could somehow involve your guests in your Wedding or Vow Renewal Ceremony, and in a way that was meaningful and tasteful? 

Many couples I work with like the idea of including a symbolic gesture in their ceremony, but they aren't entirely comfortable with anything too dramatic, wanting to keep the experience of their ceremony somewhat traditional but with a personal touch.

The perfect way to achieve this is through a suggestion I refer to as a Ring Warming or a Ring Blessing. If the couple is exchanging rings, this is the perfect way to involve guests. It is a very loving and gentle way for guests to offer their hopes, wishes and blessings for the couple's marriage, with very little fuss. 

During a Ring Warming ceremony, the couple's wedding rings are passed around to the guests, on a cushion or in a special decorative pouch or box. I instruct each guest to hold the rings for a few seconds, silently offering their wishes, hopes, prayers for the couple. 

I like to put the best man/best woman or another responsible person in charge of making sure the rings are back well ahead of when they are needed in the ceremony. By the time the vows are ready to be said, and the rings exchanged, the rings have made their way around the room amongst the guests, passed from row to row, and all of the loved ones in attendance have given their own personal 'blessing'.
Alternatively, in a space that is less structured with rows, such as an outdoor wedding in the forest, or at the seaside, the rings can be passed from guest to guest along ribbons or sections of string that are woven between the guests. The rings remain safe because they are 'travelling' through the ribbons from person to person so there is no danger of them sinking into the sand, the sea or the floor of the forest! 
If you like the idea of a Ring Warming, but do not want your rings passed from guest to guest, another option is to have the rings displayed at the ceremony entrance. As guests make their way to their seat, they can stop for a brief moment, hold the rings, offer their blessings, replace the rings, and then find their seat. With this option, I ask one of the ushers, or a family member or friend, to greet guests at the entrance and explain the request.
When it comes time for the couple to exchange rings, I remind them that not only are the rings precious because they are a gift that the couple are exchanging with each other on their wedding day, but they are made even more precious because the rings now contain the heartfelt wishes and blessings of every guest in attendance.
It is such a lovely way to include guests, and an even lovelier way to add sentiment and meaning to an already beautiful ceremony!
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