Tuesday 21 December 2021

Winter Solstice.

"Let us love Winter, for it is the Spring of Genius."

Today at 3:59pm in the UK (10:59am USA) we welcome the Winter Solstice, the first day of winter, and the shortest day in the Northern Hemisphere. 

Right now, in the Northern Hemisphere, dark triumphs over light, but this afternoon also brings a turning point. If we were living according to a rhythm that our souls, spirits and bodies craved, in this part of the world we would be tucked into a quiet time, not busy; a thoughtful time, not over-stimulated; a calm time, not rushed; a time of trusting, not impatience. 

 I relish the turn of the seasons, and especially this time of year when we move into a more dormant time in nature. I love that beneath what we can see, nature is preparing new life for us. The manifestation of busy Christmas holidays over the generations temps us away from the reflection and rest we need to be embracing in order to honour and welcome the grace of brighter days ahead. 

Through the years of various courses I’ve written and taught about the Seeds of Grace that enrich our lives, I’ve always emphasised that this time of year is a sort of ‘doldrums’, when we feel a bit stuck. We can’t go back to the warmth and bounty of summer. We can’t yet go forward into the renewal and enrichment of Spring. We’re really meant to go inward this time of year, to be still and to listen for and welcome inspiration that will ultimately make us aware of what we need to understand in order to keep personally growing in life - and just as in nature, to not become 'stagnant'.

But being still and avoiding ‘darkness’ seems to be a modern weakness we’ve inherited – we’ve largely forgotten how to feel negative emotions because we’ve grown to know them as inconvenient, uncomfortable, and we make ourselves feel inadequate and depressed for feeling them. 

But when we're afraid of our own dark times, we cut ourselves off from a very powerful personal growth and personal power. We need dark, quiet and reflective times in life in order to guarantee that the 'Seeds of Grace' that we've sown through the longer days behind us will actually be nurtured into something wonderful. We aren’t meant to overwhelm our lives either, but understanding with gratitude these times of feeling stuck will always be one of the best catalysts for how we are able to go forward and become an even better version of who we are meant to be as we evolve. Nature does not 'produce' 365 days a year - it needs the dark and quiet times to renew. And so do we. 

The phrase ‘Winter Solstice’ is born from Latin; ‘sol’ meaning ‘the sun’ and ‘sistere’ meaning ‘to make stand.’ Right now the sun is travelling the shortest path through the sky, a new solar journey, sharing the least amount of sunlight with earth. The axis of Earth is also pausing and shifting its direction. The sun being still is a wonderful metaphor for how we can reflect on changing the direction of our lives as we enter a new calendar year. What tweaks can we make to ensure the days ahead are fruitful and rewarding?

So, in these hectic few days coming up, allow yourself to notice the peace of the darkness, appreciating the inspiration of the changing of the seasons, and being hopeful for the brighter and more productive days ahead. Let grief or sadness wash over you like a protective embrace, let uncertainty bring you important questions for the brighter days ahead, let fear challenge your heart to become stronger, and let your soul remember how much you have been loved and how much you are loved. Be thankful for the long nights right now, because they are preparing the energy for bright and colourful times for you ahead!

It is my hope for every person reading this that you will find little moments of time in the days ahead to nurture yourself with compassion, to let the energies of soon-to-be new life work their ‘behind the scenes’ magic, and to allow whatever inspiration is eager to slowly build within you and whisper to you to get your attention. 

My wish for you is that, however you define great joy and magnificent hope, it will be your hearty and abundant harvest in 2022!